The Bitcoin Bond Gallery

Raretoshi artists, graphic designers, and memelords from around the world have joined forces to honor the historic Bitcoin Bond in El Salvador. Like the NFTs on Raretoshi, the bond is issued on the Liquid Network, a layer-2 solution that allows the issuance of digital assets on top of Bitcoin.

El Salvador's adoption of Bitcoin and its layer-2 technologies signal the much-anticipated transition away from centralized monetary systems to more frictionless, censorship-resistant ones anchored to Bitcoin, the hardest asset the world has ever known.

If you too are excited about the Bitcoin Bond, what it means for humanity's future, and would like to contribute to the Bitcoin Bond gallery on Raretoshi, register to become an artist and upload a unique 1:1 piece of art (future meme lore) with the tag #BitcoinBond.

We will keep accepting artwork for the online gallery for as long as possible, sharing it with El Salvador President Bukele, Samson Mow, Max Keiser, and other architects of the bond.